Soreen’s Chocolate & Orange Spring Mini Loaves are Back For Easter and now Vegan-Friendly


The nation’s favourite malt loaf brand, Soreen, have some spring-tastic news to share with their fans, as not only are their Chocolate & Orange Mini Loaves back by popular demand but they’re also now vegan-friendly.

Bursting with flavour and packed with chocolate orange deliciousness, the plant-based, vegan-friendly mini loaves come in at 50% less sugar and also 64% less fat than the average Easter cake bar, making for a tasty but healthier treat this spring.

The news follows the launch of Soreen’s biggest ever vegan range in January, when they announced that the vast majority of their products had gone vegan-friendly for 2021, including Soreen’s iconic original malt loaf products.

Mark Simester, Managing Director at Soreen commented: “We have been working hard to launch a full vegan range, ensuring to retain that squidgy texture and treat-like taste that Soreen is notorious for. The results from our taste panel sessions have been a huge success and we’re pleased to be able to offer an even wider range of vegan products this year, including our firm family favourite Chocolate & Orange Spring Mini Loaves.”

Seasonal flavours are often sought after for the nostalgic, feel-good sentiments they provide, but there are also some delicious chocolatey treats available this Easter that holds far better nutritional values than the usual options.

Liz Jacobs, Head of Marketing at Soreen said: “In the lead up to Easter, which is traditionally a time of indulgence, we tend to find that parents are interested in healthier choices for their children. Our Spring Mini Loaves provide just that, offering families a tasty treat at 50% less sugar and also 64% less fat than the average Easter cake bar.

“What’s more we haven’t compromised on taste by going vegan. Our Spring Mini Loaves still pack a punch in flavour as we’ve been able to maintain the unique combination of great nutritional credentials alongside delicious taste and tex­ture, as well as being a source of fibre and lower in calories than other Easter cake bars.

“Plus, now that we can offer a plant-based, vegan-friendly version of our popular Spring Mini Loaves, it means that they can also be enjoyed by children who need to follow a dairy-free diet.”

The chocolate and orange flavoured loaves contain no reds in their nutritional traffic lights. Featuring the traffic light nutritionals on the front of packs was a decision Soreen took in 2017 to make it easier for parents to make healthier choices.

The tasty looking ‘deliciously springy Soreen’ loaves come in multipacks of five and are all individually wrapped, providing an easy and convenient snack. They will be available in Nisa, Iceland, B&M, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Co-Op, Spar, Morrisons and Aldi and feature a recommended retail price of £1.

The Spring Mini Loaves are being sold until Easter weekend at the start of April, so Soreen fans have plenty of time to stock up on these tasty treats.