Sipsmith Gin collaborates with Paul Smith to re-dress their London dry gin bottle for Christmas


The colours of the Artist Stripe, have given new life to Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin bottle in time for Christmas. For this limited edition collaboration, two Smiths are brought together by their shared passion for things well made. As the pioneers of the London dry gin renaissance, Sipsmith have collected awards and accolades from around the world for their handcrafted small-batch London dry gin.

In 2009 Sipsmith established the first traditional copper distillery to operate in the UK’s capital since 1820. Today, their team of five dedicated distillers work to produce gin of uncompromising quality on three custom-made copper stills named: Prudence, Patience and Constance.

The limited edition Paul Smith + Sipsmith London Dry Gin is made in exactly the same way. A colourful Artist Stripe colour scheme and hand-dipped wax top add a unique finishing touch to this small-batch gin that is crafted in the heart of London.

The Paul Smith + Sipsmith limited-edition bottle is exclusively available from Selfridges shops and for £49.99.