Manchester Omnicom Agencies TRO and TBWA\MCR join forces with The North Face


TBWA\MCR and TRO have partnered to create an unforgettable event for JD Area Managers, to showcase The North Face brand ahead of 2020.

The idea was to take attendees out of their comfort zones, and into the heart of The North Face brand, with a unique evening full of challenges, surprises, educational and emotive talks, world and personal firsts and real shareable moments, all held in a carefully selected venue to inspire and add theatre, at Manchester Climbing Centre.

Alongside a retail showcase, there were also key talks from famous climbers James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini, and later that night, entertainment came from DJ Carly Wilford, Aitch and DJ WIN.

Daniel Bickerton, Head of Design at TBWA\MCR said “The Climbing Centre being housed in a converted church gave us the perfect springboard for the event creative, faith plays such a vital role in climbing, having faith in yourself but also in the team you have around you. These principles sit perfectly for the JD Managers in their everyday but even more so for this event that started with their faith in The North Face as they were blindfolded in their journey to the church.”

The venue was brought to life internally and externally with projections and impact lighting, revealed to guests as they arrived in branded transport.  Bouldering, climbing and outdoor-themed activities were carefully curated to link

to The North Face product range, interspersed with educational and emotive talks which knitted together to create a truly entertaining, inspiring and memorable experience.

Michelle Horn, Senior Project Manager at TRO, said “Our aim was to create a unique experience for the managers to share, something that would get people talking and leave a lasting memory. By combining a dramatic setting with a variety of relevant experiences we were able to make a real impact in a short space of time.”