Pringles sets to deliver gifts this Christmas


From October this year, Pringles will launch a ‘Free Present with Every Can’ promotion where customers can redeem a free gift with every 200g can they purchase. Every can includes a free digital gift while giving shoppers the chance to win bigger prizes; from holidays and GoPros to movie coupons and Pringles coupons.

Chris Bates, Kellogg’s Impulse Sales Director, said: “We know what a massive sales-driver Pringles is for both big and small retailers and how important it is for shoppers to stock up on sharing snacks at Christmas.

“The instant-win mechanic on the can is a tried and tested way to generate excitement with shoppers while driving sales and we’re confident it will make snacking moments even more fun.”

The ‘Free Present’ promotion will be available from October until December 2018.