Peanut Butter Brand ManiLife Launches first Voice Commerce Campaign through Amazon’s Alexa


A new campaign for the peanut butter brand ManiLife, using Amazon Alexa’s sales conversion beta is going live today. The innovative campaign offers peanut butter lovers the ability to enter a giveaway and purchase directly from their favourite brand via an Alexa device.

As mentioned by Voicebot AI, the solution is one of the earliest examples of the Alexa Shopping Cart beta program which includes ten partners globally. “We have been working with ManiLife since last year to harness the power of Alexa. With 40% of UK homes now connected to the device, voice commerce is a great opportunity for those brands already selling through Amazon.” mentioned Maria Reyes, CEO of VozLab, who works very closely with Amazon and its one of the few companies with access to Alexa’s shopping beta. 

The team at ManiLife will be able to edit the campaign on Alexa in real time. In addition, the new feature integration with Alexa’s shopping cart, will not only allow customers to buy a product, but it will also give ManiLife 100% flexibility to switch between different products on offer, making stock management as easy as possible. The voice technology created by VozLab has been developed with the end-user in mind, and it is the most flexible self-service platform available for voice marketing in the world. 

VozLab’s technology is making voice commerce available to companies from all industries and sizes, and as a result, the next revolution in voice commerce is no longer exclusive to big brands. The innovative voice experiences created by VozLab are transforming the way brands interact with consumers, while growing databases at scale (voice tech can deliver 50% more marketing permissions than any online channel), and driving tangible sales. As voice commerce becomes more conversational, the next generation of voice apps have the potential to change the retail landscape for many companies and brands.

The voice app was created to be fully integrated with Alexa’s shopping cart, while ensuring that a customer’s experience starts and ends in the ManiLife skill. After entering ManiLife’s giveaway, the voice app hands off the purchase flow to Amazon which allows a customer to buy their favourite peanut butter straight away. The transaction is completed within the customer’s existing Amazon shopping account, with no additional details required to finish the purchase. After the purchase, the user is handed  back to the ManiLife voice app.

Stuart, Founder of ManiLife says “working with VozLab has been an absolute pleasure and pretty different to our usual marketing tactics! This is our second campaign through Alexa and we couldn’t be happier. Their energy and creativity are highly contagious, and the results speak for themselves.”

VozLab facilitates the conversation between brands and their customers. “We understand the best way to generate revenue and results through smart speakers,” concludes Maria Noel Reyes. “We believe eCommerce is yesterday’s revolution. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us all that companies need to innovate, not only to survive but also to be tomorrow’s market leaders, and we believe the market leaders of tomorrow are those who are paying attention to current technology trends and facilitating the conversation with their audiences today.”