N2O and Tesco Stand Proud Together at London and Brighton Pride with Energetic Parade Float


Award-winning creative brand experience agency, N2O, is thrilled to support Tesco once again with their London and Brighton Pride activations.

Featuring a DJ, stunning choreography and an army of LGBTQ+ colleagues involved in the big celebration, the truck will be adorned with the new Tesco Pride toolkit, based on the flowing colours of the progressive flag that Tesco is proud to support.

The crowd were electrified by the beats of DJ Glitzy von Jagger at the capital’s Pride on the 1st of July before heading to Brighton Pride on the 5th of August. Tesco colleagues will come together to dance their hearts out to N2O-choreographed routines and engage with the massive crowds to spread the love.

Nicola Johnson, Tesco Retail Operations Director at N2O, said: “We are delighted to be working with Tesco on its Pride float for another year, building on last year’s success for the 50th anniversary, and standing proud together for this momentous celebration once again.”

Tesco is the Gold sponsor for London Pride and Partner for Brighton Pride, and will support Pride events across the UK in Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Norwich, Manchester, Glasgow and Dundee.