How to make your prizes and promotions Instagrammable


Colin Blake, Director at NDL Groupshares his thoughts on how companies can make use of the Instagram effect for prizes and promotions.

If last year was the year of prize experiences then what trends have we seen shaping 2019 prize promotional activity so far? You’ll be pleased to hear it’s still all about ‘the experience’ so you don’t need to go altering your plans.  We know amazing experiences are still what motivates, engages and truly adds to that winning feeling. But, what’s new and key to maximising the impact of your experiential prize promotions this year?

We have one word for you… INSTA!

The power of Instagram and people searching for that perfect INSTA-shot is undeniably real. We’ve all done it… posted that enviable holiday shot (with a filter of course) to make us feel good and our friends just that little bit jealous. But how does this affect your approach to creating compelling prize ideas and more importantly your plans for the rest of the year?

It’s simple really.

If we’re all searching for that ultimate experience, that frame-able destination, the perfect selfie backdrop that allows us to upload the king of all Instagram shots we need to ensure this is built into your promotional activity. In short, you need to make sure your prizes provide access to just that.

And, whilst we’re the first to agree that Instagram is the tool of the millennials with its most active users in the 18-29 demographic and accounting for over 500 million of its base, we think it’s fair to say the principle of ‘instagrammable prizes’ (yes, this is a thing and NDL is owning it), is relevant across the board.

Whether it’s an Instagram shot, a Facebook post, a what’s app message or a good old-fashioned email we all want to share ‘instantly’ that wonderful experience or memory. We’ve long been taught that ‘sharing is caring’ but never has this been more true in our world of prizes and promotions. Being able to share an experience whether physically with someone or via the powers of social media, connecting with our peers in this way is more relevant than ever.

Whilst we reference our trend tracking friends the ‘millennials’ it’s worth reiterating (and adding weight to our insta-agrument) that in general experiences are valued over financial rewards. They’re no-longer spending on designer watches or pimped up cars, instead they’re opting for experiences, usually travel orientated, that excite, engage and leave them feeling happier for longer. With a world where knowledge is at our finger tips (or certainly at the end of our smart phones) reading is no-longer enough… experiencing is believing.

This may sound like an expensive option but this doesn’t need to be the case. A well thought out experience can fit any budget and work for most target audiences. The experience must be designed with your target audience in mind, something we’re especially passionate about. It’s NOT one size fits all. And, by ‘experience’ we mean the complete winner process

– from start to finish, from prize entry to winner management right through to final delivery (and the winner experiencing their experience) the whole process needs to be 5 star and flawless to emulate that ‘insta’ feeling.

So, what’s been inspiring and engaging our winners so far this year? From trips to Tokyo for Cherry Blossom season to discovering spices and Himalayan peaks in India, visiting bustling night markets in Hong Kong to enjoying idyllic beaches and lush sceneries in Indonesia our experiences have been visual, emotional and certainly instagrammable.

Finally, and to clarify as far as channels are concerned, when we talk ‘instagrammable prizes’ we’re not suggesting the activity needs to run on Instagram. Providing the right platform for your promotion depends on many factors that are built around a strong supporting strategy.  But what’s clear to us is that creating a prize that supports the insta-feeling (from start to finish) will become more relevant for us this year.

For more information or to discuss intagrammable prizes for your next promotion contact Colin Blake on 020 7428 1200 or