Maison Margiela Replica Memory Box By Haygarth


L’Oreal-owned luxury perfume brand Maison Margiela relaunched its Replica fragrance range and wanted to increase brand equity, awareness and sales through creating a luxury pop-up experience in the UK. Haygarth’s objective was to create an experience that would build a strong emotional connection between the audience and the new Replica fragrance.

Studies have shown that long forgotten memories have the power to be unlocked through sight, sound, touch, taste, and most of all smell. Using this insight Haygarth opened the doors and welcomed the public to Replica House of Memories. A stunning, multisensorial experience celebrating the unique and personal memories of every single visitor. Inside, an immersive and emotive journey took visitors through time and space allowing them to travel back in time to explore and replicate their own special memories. With scent association, it helped visitors unlock a long-forgotten memory. As visitors journeyed through The House of Memories, it helped them put their memory into words; gave them the tools to paint a clearer picture of their memories and to capture it all within their own personalised memory box.

Haygarth delivered two pop up immersive experiences in London and Manchester, taking consumers through 8 sensory-based zones, designed for Replica fragrances to evoke memories and encourage product sampling. This was ticketed event which sold-out in both locations, over 2000 memory boxes were created and the experience was all over social with 1m organic TikTok impressions and over 25m reach through influencer and retail.