‘Keeping you safe’: Tesco campaign urges shoppers to social distance


This week Tesco announced new measures to implement social in a campaign to inform customers about new social distancing measures in stores.

We’re working hard to ensure customers and colleagues can easily observe these measures, to protect themselves and others. We have issued clear guidance to stores on customer numbers. And we know from feedback from customers that they would welcome guidance to ensure they remain at a safe distance from others in the store.

We also need their help, to make sure the advice is adhered to. We know a vital part of this will be communicated in order that customers understand and recognise the raft of new measures in-store.

So starting today, we are launching a new ad campaign, ‘Keeping you safe’, to inform customers about our new social distancing measures, give them confidence and help keep them safe as they shop with us in-store.

The advert was shot overnight on Wednesday in  Stevenage Tesco Extra store to ensure minimal disruption to customers and is fronted by real colleagues. It will begin on social and TV ads will run over the weekend – including within Channel 4’s Gogglebox and ITV’s screening of Star Wars The Force Awakens.

The campaign is part of our dedicated plan to ensure food for all, safety for everyone and to support our colleagues, at this difficult time. It will focus on measures we’ve put in place to protect our customers and colleagues at key stages of the shopping trip:

Outside the store: new measures include car park marshals, clear signs communicating social distancing advice, clear queue markers to ensure customers can easily stand 2m apart.

Safely entering the store: new measures include colleagues on hand to count customers into the store to ensure numbers safely adhere to social distancing guidelines they’ll also be able to explain to customers the changes they’ll see in store, plus facilities to wipe trolleys and baskets.

Doing your shop: new measures include signs and floor markings to encourage social distancing, one-way aisles, and colleagues positioned through the store to give guidance or answer questions

Paying for your shopping: new measures include signs and floor markers to show safe 2m distances, signs to encourage customers to pay by card and protective screens at till points.

Leaving our store: new measures include separate entry and exit points to the store, a safe distance apart, and removing non-essential items and furniture to give customers more space behind the checkouts.

In addition, we have dedicated colleagues to support these social distancing measures as well as teams dedicated to hygiene and cleaning. So the ad features real colleagues explaining the measures and we hope it’ll help customers when they shop.

Store manager, Jamie Welch delivers the closing line outside his store “These [measures] are to here to help you shop as safely as you can. Because now more than ever, every little helps.”

Tesco CEO, Dave Lewis, said “We felt it was important to help customers understand the changes we’ve made in our stores to keep them safe as they shop. We hope they’ll find it helpful. Our aim is to do everything we can to protect our colleagues and customers at this difficult time and ensure everyone has safe access to the food and essentials they need.”