Julius Meinl encourages friends to co-write poems in exchange for 2-for-1 coffee


In a bid to help people harbour meaningful connections in an increasingly digital world, Viennese coffee roasters Julius Meinl is helping bring people together “in real life” in its latest initiative. The idea is simple, on World Coffee Day, those who take their friendship offline and meet in coffee houses can claim a 2-for-1 coffee at Julius Meinl locations – all in exchange for co-writing a story or poem explaining how they met. Consumers are invited to share a photo of their poem on social media to be in with the chance of having their poem turned into a song.

Taking place in over 25 countries on World Coffee Day (October 1st), consumers are invited to meet a friend over a coffee or tea and rekindle their friendship using poetry as a creative outlet for expression.

With communication now defined by swipes and clicks, our friendships are taking a toll, existing primarily on apps and networking sites. Yet online communication often leaves us feeling isolated, with screen time dramatically affecting how we experience human connection. Now, we are beginning to see a dramatic shift away from a culture that standardises always-on connectivity and with this comes an awareness to schedule real-time catch-ups with friends. Julius Meinl’s unique scheme is encouraging people to come together and bring more poetry into the world, by using tea or coffee as the fuel to ignite more poetic and creative moments in life.

Julius Meinl’s global ambassador, platinum-selling singer-songwriter and coffee lover, JP Cooper knows the importance of written communication to express oneself- drawing parallels with song writing and poetry. He comments: “It’s no secret that social media gives us a false sense of connectedness, encouraging us to communicate in half-written sentences and emoticons.

For this next campaign, JP Cooper will be partnering with his long-term friend and music producer, Hannah V, the session musician behind major powerhouses such a Rihanna, Jessie J and Jason Derulo.