Huawei brings the Northern Lights to London


Huawei, the global technology leader is bringing the Northern Lights to London.

Overlooking the iconic Tower of London, the Aurora Borealis will be staged by immersive artist, Dan Acher, whose bespoke installation will feature a series of lasers to create the stunning spectacle that many Brits cite as top of their bucket list.

The recreation of this breath-taking natural phenomenon has been designed to showcase the unparalleled photography capabilities of Huawei’s latest P30 Series, which features technology that will allow users to capture detail and vibrant colours, even in low-light conditions. The P30 handset will be available to try out and capture London’s very own Northern Lights.

Viewers can post their pictures of the event tagging #Huaweilondonlights @Huaweimobileuk.

Where: Tower Hill (by the Tower of London – the best vantage point is in front of Tower of London’s ticket booth)

Date: April 5th and 6th

Time: 20.00-22:30

What: Huawei are bringing the Northern Lights to London, overlooking the iconic Tower of London

Cost: Free