Haygarth make an edible AR Halloween cake


This Halloween, Haygarth decided to give baking a unique digital twist with the first ‘Edible Augmented Reality Snapchat Lens Cake Topper.’

Haygarth’s Creative Technology team used Snapchat Lens Studio to create their own custom augmented reality filter to add an additional digital layer of fun interaction to a beautifully hand-crafted Halloween cake made by Stars and Sprinkles.

Scanning the unique Snapcode with the Snapchat app allowed the gathering hungry hoard to unlock a special Lens which, when pointed at the cake, would reveal a growling and snarling demonic pumpkin guarding the baked delights.

Snapchat recently updated their Lens Studio tools to support Image Marker tracking. That means that Haygarth were able to pin virtual augmented reality objects to a physical marker, rather than just have them floating in space. Image Marker tracking opens up lots of opportunity for bringing to life print media, posters, product packaging and other static media through the magic of easily accessible Snapchat Lenses.

For their Lens, Haygarth created a specially calibrated marker design which was printed onto icing sheets. This tracked perfectly and allowed them to anchor their animated 3D pumpkin character to the top of the cake while keeping it all entirely edible.

Click here to see the cake in action.