Nestlé launch the ultimate indulgent break this Mother’s Day with KitKat Chocolatory


Nestlé has launched a luxury, handcrafted personalised Kitkat to gift mothers an ultimate break this Mothers Day.

From now until the end of April 2020, the KitKat Chocolatory is available directly from Nestlé through a new online shop ( The webshop marks Nestlé’s first-ever move into a direct-to-consumer offering for its UK confectionery business.

The KitKat Chocolatory brings with it a whole range of experiences, including the option to create your own expertly handcrafted KitKat and design personalised packaging for your bar.

Rabia Khan, Head of KitKat Chocolatory for Nestlé, said: “We know how much people love experimenting with new and exciting KitKat flavours. Our KitKat Chocolatory webshop elevates the experience to the next level by offering consumers the chance to create bespoke bars that are handcrafted by expert chocolatiers. Beautifully packaged in a personalised gift box, our luxury KitKats make the perfect present for Mother’s Day, as a fun alternative to an Easter egg or indeed for any occasion when you want a special gift to show someone that you are thinking of them.”

At the heart of KitKat Chocolatory is the eight-finger ‘Create Your Break’ option, which offers nearly 1,500 different flavour combinations from four different chocolate varieties: milk, dark, white and ruby, and a host of diverse ingredients including shortbread pieces, salted caramel chunks, honeycomb and rose petals.

Every KitKat sold through the Chocolatory will be individually hand-crafted by expert chocolatiers in the UK. The eight-finger ‘Create Your Break’ bars will be made to order based on the choices of shoppers from the range of ingredients listed above. Each bar features one of four varieties of chocolate and three different inclusions.