Gekko 27th Aug

Gekko launches new digital learning management system for retail sales teams

Gekko, the field and retail marketing agency, has launched a new digital Learning Management System for brands, enabling them to improve retail staff product knowledge and develop brand advocacy. The system called LMEY (Let Me Engage You) –  provides a central hub for product specific knowledge to ensure retail staff are better equipped to influence a sale.

LMEY is an ‘Off the shelf’ solution for brands wanting to engage with third party sales teams, whether based on the shop floor, in contact centres or online sales teams. The product features a library of digital learning content, user guides, training videos and sales tips, along with other helpful information. The system is designed to develop knowledge, advocacy and sales. By viewing content and successfully completing tests and quizzes, users will be awarded points, stage completion awards and badges of recognition for achievement.

It has been developed following months of testing by Gekko who manage the design, setup & hosting. Meanwhile, awareness and communication will be managed by account and field teams to raise awareness and encourage participation.

The key features include:

– Branded portal developed for mobile, tablet, PC & Mac

– Information hub / Learning content

– Product information

– Quizzes & Competitions/ Prizes & Rewards/ League tables

– Registration via social media

– Linked to brand content plus a Live link to brand social feeds

According to Daniel Todaro, Managing Director, Gekko: “Customer experience is more vital than ever in today’s world. The way your brand and products are portrayed, searched online, spoken about, and sold by Retail Sales Advisors (RSAs), can influence a product sale. This system provides brands with a hugely effective managed solution that, from a client point of view is not only low maintenance and low input but also cost-effective.”

He continues: “This approach and gamification of learning is a great way to extend beyond a brand’s own paid-for field team, offering the potential to reach all sales staff wherever the brand is range. A ‘digital first’ approach such as this can be effective in extending reach to retail doors where face to face field team coverage is perhaps unviable or not cost-effective. This is particularly relevant in the environment of an ongoing pandemic.”

For more information please contact Toby Hicks on 0780-362-8050 or email

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