Ellie Ward at Savvy shares her IPM Diploma journey


Ellie Ward, Account Manager at Savvy, shares her learning journey through the IPM Diploma and how it’s helping her career.


When I started, I was given the opportunity to develop my promotional marketing skills by starting the IPM Diploma, have a read of my blog to see what I got up to on my first day.

The idea of the course is to give me a deeper understanding of what makes shoppers tick, and how I can promote my client in the best way possible. I’ll be studying modules like Buyer Behaviour and Consumer Insight as well as Client Account management, so it’s a pretty well rounded curriculum.
Turns out I’ve not seen the end of essays after graduating from uni after all. There’s a 4,500 word assignment for each unit but it’s split into different tasks like presentations, reports and set briefs and so will challenge me on a whole load of things.

What was the induction day all about?

After coffee and introductions with the other candidates, the day started off with an outline of the course and breakdown of the units. Throughout the day we had a range of workshops and tasks that got us thinking about the development of the marketing mix and new ways to communicate with shoppers.

Why am I excited to do this?

I’m excited to be launching a career in Shopper Marketing and so this seems like a good first stepping stone in building a foundation for my future. Having studied marketing at university, the diploma will allow me take the theory I’ve learnt and apply it to working practice. I’m pretty new to Shopper Marketing and so the course will help me truly understand what it’s all about. Also, the diploma is a professional qualification and is recognised across the industry and so it makes perfect sense to be part of it!

What do I want to learn on the diploma?

Everything! I’m looking forward to building up knowledge through the different modules. In particular, I think the Buyer Behaviour module will be really interesting as this covers consumer attitudes, preferences and intentions around making a purchase – pretty useful as a Shopper marketer! I’m excited to learn more about communicating throughout the shopper journey and also how to add value to further drive sales.

What am I excited to get from it?

I think the IPM Diploma is going to be a totally unique experience and I’m really looking forward to becoming professionally qualified in promotional marketing and applying my learnings throughout my career. I’m hoping that I’ll finish the course with lots of knowledge and a new approach to marketing techniques that I wouldn’t have considered before. But most of all… I’m excited to try and beat my team’s previous grades!



Hoorah! After a year of hard work and a celebratory ceremony at the House of Commons last week, I can officially say I’m an IPM Diploma graduate!

I started the course in March 2018, studying lots of different areas across 3 units. These included modules ranging from insight & strategic effectiveness to promotional mechanics & techniques to legal & compliance. We also looked at client account management & undertook a brief masterclass.

The course was delivered in 3 study blocks of 2 training days for each unit, with industry experts teaching us the content for each module. Across the 3 units I delivered 3 written assignments, including a response to a set ‘client’ brief, overall writing 14,300 words… that’s longer than my dissertation! My colleagues were a great help during my assignment periods, offering support and guidance throughout.

As a recognised qualification within the industry and having only started my career in Shopper Marketing at the end of 2017 as a fresh university graduate, the diploma was a great introduction into the world of promotional marketing and has taught me some valuable lessons, including the all-important difference between a promotion and a competition!

The ceremony took place at the House of Commons, where we had prosecco and canapés throughout the evening (my favourite combo), the IPM President and Chairman were both there to give us speeches and award us with our certificate.

The IPM Diploma was a fantastic opportunity given to me, although challenging at times, it has been a great experience and I’m pleased to have achieved a Credit.

If you would like to find out more about the IPM qualifications, please email learning@theipm.org.uk or call 020 3848 0444.