Don’t forget the human: the importance of staffing


By Gemma Moore, Staffing Director at TRO

With IRL experiences on the rise, the importance of people – the face of those experiences – should be high on the list of considerations. In an uncertain world – the gig economy, fake news and so on – and having been deprived of human connection during the pandemic, people are crying out for the human touch. As tech takes over, brands who facilitate a more emotional connection can truly stand out, and staff can play a huge role here. Even with the most beautiful set or stand as a backdrop, the experience that a staff member creates for a customer needs to count, leaving a lasting and positive connection with that brand. The value of finding the best staff has never been higher.

I have a relentless passion to source and retain the best talent. Expectations of what Brand Ambassadors of today need to deliver are high. They are the “Swiss Army knife” of live activity. They are storytellers and content creators. They are brand aligned, culturally connected, social influencers. Above all, they need to facilitate great experiences. They are vital pieces of the experiential puzzle, so placing a strong emphasis on how they are recruited and retained is crucial.

Giving responsibility to a staffing agency to bring any brand alive ‘in real life’ requires significant trust. TRO understands this importance, therefore whether we are recruiting for a one-off event or long-term retail programme, our ‘humans first’ approach is applied to every single element of campaign delivery. Building a human connection from the very beginning of their recruitment journey means we understand where our ambassadors are best placed and can match roles with the work they love to deliver. This translates to engaged teams who deliver a brand’s story as if it were their own.

Our approach has helped us recruit long-term running experts for the likes of Under Armour; it’s enabled us to quickly facilitate nationwide event programmes at scale for brands including Unite Students and Lucozade; and it’s allowed us to provide staff to support brands at some of the biggest events in the country, from the London Marathon to Goodwood Festival of Speed to the Isle of Wight Festival.

We can’t wait to see our industry return to its full potential, and we are big believers in the huge role that people can play. If you share our thoughts, you can read a little bit more about TRO Staffing here, and if you want to chat we are always up for a conversation so don’t hesitate to get in touch. After all, it’s all about the human connection…