Whistl launches GDPR compliant Partially Addressed Mail solution for advertisers


Whistl Doordrop Media, the market leader in audience targeting and leaflet services, has launched its GDPR compliant Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) solution for advertisers following a successful trial.

The industry wide PAM solution was developed to enable advertisers to continue to prospect consumers directly without compromising the GDPR legislation that came into effect in 2018. Instead of using personal details, that may not have received recipient approval, advertisers can use titles such as Householder or Pizza Lover, Holiday Jetsetter in the addressee space.

By targeting households using geo-demographics at postcode level (c.15 households) advertisers can create campaigns that have lower postage costs, significantly reduced data costs and a 30% greater reach than a traditional fully addressed advertising item.

Mark Davies, Managing Director, said: “As Whistl DDM is the market leader in audience targeting through the letterbox, we can work with brands and charities to create highly targeted mailings that result in excellent conversation rates. Thanks to JICMail, the audience measurement project for the mail industry developed by Whistl and Royal Mail, we know that PAM stays in the home for 7 days, of which 88% are read.  Combined with traditional door drop or direct mail, PAM can be an effective tool in a fully integrated letterbox-based advertising campaign.  Our charity client Blind Veterans used PAM and recruited the same amount of donors it would expect to recruit during a traditional direct mail campaign but at a lower cost per acquisition.”

Advertisers and media planners who want to find out more about the Partially Addressed Mail from Whistl can click here.