#TBT: Top 3 Easter 2019 campaigns from brands you wouldn’t expect


Easter is not only a busy time for consumers, traditional marketeers and the chocolate industry, but it can also be eventful for some less obvious practitioners. Below, is a collation of some memorable Easter campaigns from well-known brands that don’t traditionally belong in this space.

1: Ikea’s Flatpack Chocolate bunny

When we see or hear ‘Ikea’ we think of flat-pack furniture and windowless stores but definitely not chocolate. So how did Ikea occur in this Easter line up?

Courtesy of some serious creative alignment their flat-pack chocolate Easter bunny, Vårkänsla, was brought to life in 2019. Less difficult to assemble than your standard Ikea product this fun and irreverent campaign playfully left the consumer satisfied, content with their construction and without a bag of unexplained screws at the end.

Ikeas flatpack bunny2

2: Deliveroo’s Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

The Game of Thrones season finale and Easter occurred in parallel in 2019. To celebrate this, Deliveroo launched a limited edition of a GOT Dragon Chocolate Eggs hunt, with eggs resembling the famous Dragon eggs hatched in season 1.

Deliveroo encouraged its audience to purchase the Three eggs through their online app, available in selected cities in the UK for a bargain price. Deliveroo was fully aware of its target audience – Game of Thrones fans who enjoyed a night in, drawing in new account sign-ups from customers and fans alike, all trying to get their hands on the limited-edition eggs.

Deliveroo final image

3:   The Marmite Easter Egg

Marmite, it’s always been a love or hate relationship with this brand, which is exactly what you want to gain visibility and hype at a time that is almost exclusively focussed on chocolate.

This campaign was a masterpiece to say the least. Marmite teamed up with Asda to put the brand in the chocolate aisle during a key trading period. It neatly provided ASDA with a USP to get Marmite lovers into their stores and online.

Just like Deliveroo, Marmite knew how passionate their fans were and this great campaign showcased their ability to get people engaged with their brand.

According to research firm Kantar Asda’s sales rose by 0.1% in the 12 weeks to 24 March, taking its market share to 15.4%.

Marmite easter png

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