SEA LIFE to launch new global interactive aquarium experience


The world’s largest aquarium brand, SEA LIFE, has commissioned global brand experience agency Sense to launch a new campaign from January 2019 designed to engage visitors across 22 of its locations worldwide.

Two themes are covered by the activations designed to drive brand engagement and inspire visitors to support SEA LIFE’s mission of celebrating aquatic life, while working to preserve the oceans. The first, invites you to join your underwater heroes; celebrating the amazing abilities of five key creatures in each aquarium. Featuring a comic-book style set of five interactive ‘pods’, it educates incredible facts about the creatures, likening them to super heroes.

For the second theme, SEA LIFE is using the five interactive pods to persuade visitors to join their Sea Explorer team and discover the wonders of the ocean. Visitors are encouraged to get creative by drawing, colouring and building on each of the pods, allowing visitors to explore different aspects of aquatic life through play.

“Our brief was to create fun, exciting and globally appealing content around the SEA LIFE essence of Amazing Discovery, as well as manage logistics, including quarterly regional kit rotations” explained Sense Board Director Sally O’Brien. “We needed to come up with creative work that appeals to young families, couples and school parties – instantly engaging, hands on and able to withstand millions of visitors a year.”

“We’ve previously been impressed with Sense’s creative thinking and innovative approach to attraction interactives, so appointed the team to run this major new campaign designed to engage and excite our visitors about the wonders of aquatic life.” said Rita Marcal, Global Senior Brand Manager at Merlin Entertainments.