It’s a new look, a new sweet and a new mix for Quality Street 2019


Nestlé’s Quality Street has been given a fresh new look as the first tubs and tins of 2019 hit supermarket shelves.

The vibrant redesign takes its cue from the famous multi-coloured foils and twist wraps of the classic Quality Street assortment and features an explosion of colour adorning the traditional purple background.

Then, once the lid is off, Quality Street lovers will find a delicious new sweet in the selection; the limited edition Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

Quality Street, at 83 years old, was the number one Christmas confectionery brand for 2018 and its popularity shows no sign of waning as the brand gears up for a new season. The Quality Street range has also been given a revamp and shoppers have a number of options including a wide ranging choice of sizes and formats on sale in the run up to Christmas.

There is a 650g tub and a 1kg tin available across most major retailers while a special 800g gold tin is exclusively available at Tesco and 2kg tins are being stocked by Costco.
But it doesn’t stop there. Faced with feedback that the chocolate sweets are more popular than their toffee based counterparts, the Quality Street team has switched up the ratios in each assortment so that the mix of chocolate sweets has gone from 35% to 46%.

Ellie Worley, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street, said: “2019 is a huge year for Quality Street. We’ve got a new sweet, a new design and we are developing the brand in all areas ahead of the Christmas season. I know just how much people love Quality Street and we work really hard to find that balance between keeping things fresh but also familiar. We’ve been listening and I think we’ve got the perfect mix this year and made the changes that people have told us they’d like to see.”

One of the great traditions of Quality Street is the colourful and shiny twist wrappers that cover each sweet in the assortment. This year, Nestlé has invested in new technology at its Halifax factory in West Yorkshire where Quality Street has been made ever since its launch in 1936. The new technology wraps Quality Street sweets in a more advanced and modern way without the need to move away from the classic twist wraps that people know and love.

The Quality Street range for 2019 also features some exciting products away from the traditional tins and tubs. The Giant Strawberry Crème and Giant Purple One both return for another year and are joined by a Giant Chocolate Caramel Brownie, packed only with Quality Street’s new limited edition sweet and exclusive to Asda.

Elsewhere, there is a Quality Street advent calendar for the Christmas countdown, a 450g refill pouch and 240g cartons of the main assortment, just the fruit cremes or just the toffees and fudges.

The 2019 launch is being backed by a £2m marketing campaign and the full range is starting to appear in stores from now with promotions running right up until Christmas itself. There is more exciting Quality Street news to come with more chances for shoppers to get their hands on a personalised Quality Street tin.