New Google voice action launches to help out first-time dads


Creative tech agency, Rehab, has launched Dad Skills, the new Google voice action providing help for new dads when they need it most.  The action offers novices a ‘quick advice’ experience via voice for when their hands are full.

Built by fried fathers at the agency, based on their insights, combined with wider interviews with stressed out first-time fathers, the function enables dads to ask their Google devices key questions, including tips on feeding and how to soothe babies into slumber.

Rehab’s qualitative research (conducted when working with numerous parenting brands) shows, unsurprisingly, parents are overloaded, but also mothers are better catered for by existing services – there’s an obvious gap in the market. Dad Skills provides 24/7, simple support to remove some of the pain points new dads experience when searching for all important guidance in the early, sleep-deprived days of fatherhood. Four areas are covered: nappy changing, sleep, feeding, and bath time.

Voice experiences provide qualitative data in real-time. There is no better way to understand an individual than to listen to them. A second, updated version, is planned to include a wider range of questions and step-by-step guides informed by insights collected from interactions with the first version.

To interact with the voice action, you need to simply say “Google, speak to Dad Skills”.

Rob Bennett, CEO of Rehab, says: “Becoming a dad is a baptism of fire. However prepared you think you are, you quickly realise there is a whole world you just don’t know. There is a limit to how many times you can soothe your baby in one arm and fat thumb google search new solutions on your phone in the other hand, (especially at 3 am when there’s no one else to ask.) Asking the other half while they’re resting just feels like a fail. So we created the first-stage of a hands-free, non-judgmental Google voice action for dads, by dads. It’s not medical advice, just tips and tricks that have worked for us. We will improve it as we go along based on our users’ feedback on what’s worked and what they’d like to hear.”