Are we living in a discount world


Ben Ireson, Head of Partnerships at Digital Reward Group, shares why living in a discounted world can attract more  commercially minded savvy consumers.

As we move into 2020 it’s apparent that we are living in a discounted marketplace. Making monthly budgets stretch to cover the must haves in day to day life, alongside activities that keep the kids, family and other halves happy is becoming increasingly challenging. In our world of social media where we love to share what we’re up to on a day to day, hour to hour and in some cases minute to minute basis, experiences are becoming more and more important. We’ve seen this at Digital Rewards Group, with searches on the rise for deals at cinemas and days out. It’s no surprise that consumer shows like Martin Lewis pull in huge ratings of savvy shoppers looking for the next best deal to save them money and feel like they’re winning with discounts and added value that mean they are not only enjoying the experience, but their wallet feels better off.

But what does it mean to a visitor attraction or restaurant? Slashing prices, offering flash sales and devaluing the brand? How do they leverage the fact that consumers are now savvier than ever whilst also ensuring that their budgets are still manageable? It’s a key question that many of our partners are asking us as we look to touch base with all of our partners ahead of what we’re seeing as our biggest year to date Digital Rewards Group for the likes of Kids Pass, Digital Perks and Popcorn Pass.

As the new Head of Partnerships here at DRG, it’s a common daily conversation I have with our partners. By building a great partnership and relationship with our strategic partners we can understand our partners business challenges and offer advice from our vast experience of creating great offers that reward the customer but also focus on maximising revenue and footfall for our partners.

By working with our closed user groups our offers are secure from searching outside of our app and don’t dilute direct sales. It’s the classic business mantra of better partner relationships bringing more fruitful commercial results and is something that I look to ensure we deliver for each and every partner we host on our platforms.

To answer the question, yes, we’re living in a discounted world with more commercially minded savvy consumers who know a good deal when they see one. They know when deals sound too good to be true too. But that’s not to say that this fact doesn’t benefit the business owners, as with the correct partner strategies in place there’s a way that everyone can have their cake and eat it!

If you’d like to learn more about how to offer best in market consumer offers whilst retaining your commercial margins to your direct consumer, your footfall and brand value drop Ben a line at