IPM member Broccoli supports local junior racing team


At Broccoli we’re delighted to re-join the IPM. As an integrated agency with its roots in promotions, we believe marketing should involve, connect and entertain. Too much of what’s out there is patronising or bland, catch-all corporate wallpaper.

We value straightforwardness and direct communication with clients and partners.

We also value our local community. This is why this year we’re continuing to support The Priory Racing Team in the Greenpower Challenge after a successful 2022 campaign.

Greenpower Education Trust (www.greenpower.co.uk) is a UK-based charity that gets young people into science and engineering by challenging them to design, build and race an electric car.

It’s an incredibly competitive race series and Broccoli wishes the team from local secondary school The Priory, success at their first race at Goodwood on 30 April.

We’re proud to be contributing to the education of local children and to be supporting a programme to build a more sustainable future.

Photo credit: Jake Osborne / Spacesuit Media