Cost-effective ways to stand out this Black Friday


Sonia Hitzelberger, Sales Director at Whistl Doordrop, shares how brands can utilise doordrop to effectively reach consumers during Black Friday.

Door drops are not just affordable – they’re versatile, highly targeted and very effective when sent in this period.

Supporting this view, we can see from JICMail that 22% of people who receive a doordrop go online for more information or make a purchase.  JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) marks a first for mail. Set up by the DMA, IPA, ISBA, Whistl and Royal Mail, JICMAIL provides mail with the same metrics available to other channels (think BARB for TV).  The data is captured by global market research agency Kantar TNS, using a diary that follows each piece of mail over a four-week period, across a sample size of 1,000 UK households.

Doordrop Media was once regarded as a poor relation in the marketing mix. Now, sophisticated targeting, better creatives and better measurement have all helped improve the impact of door drops. As we know where the doordrops landed, we can correlate this exposure with who went on to buy ensuring accurate attribution of doordrop performance.

Consumer power is increasing with access to more shopping platforms and buying choice than ever before. With multiple ways to find a solution to a purchasing need, retailers and online stores must maintain strong brand identity and position of trust, to finalise that all-important sale. Most importantly doordrops are great at providing that moment of inspiration, introducing a customer to a product or offer that they didn’t know they wanted so could never have Googled it!

Doordrop Media is supporting retailers and online retailers with audience insights to understand their target audience and increase their customer bases, leading to many companies that exist entirely in the digital space investing in door drops as a marketing method (for example by overlaying broadband speed onto online retail doordrop selections has improved the campaigns effectiveness).

At Whistl, we can help you define your audience, build your relevant store or online catchments and drive traffic to your website or footfall to your bricks-and-mortar store, with a highly targeted doordrop.

Doordrops can be delivered locally within a few streets in your town or they can cover every household in the country should this be the requirement. They play a key role in:

  • Increasing customer databases – find new customers in a GDPR compliant way
  • Promoting new businesses/branding
  • Reaching a large audience cost-effectively
  • Supporting other advertising activity as part of an integrated campaign
  • Driving new/customers into new/shops

Gtech use Whistl’s intelligent doordrop approach

Another example of how Doordrop Media used to drive Black Friday sales can be seen is with Gtech.

Gtech design and manufacture cordless appliances for the home and garden. Their founder and CEO developed the world’s first cordless sweeper and have since gone from strength to strength. Their mission is to make life easier by producing the best possible products for the home.

Campaign objective

To create a GDPR compliant and highly targeted doordrop campaign to increase the penetration of direct customers. Doordrop was tested as a standalone acquisition channel and to support Black Friday.


Two 6 page roll folds were created offering a free gift worth £50 or savings of up to £150 and free delivery. Whistl created a targeting model using Gtech anonymised postcode data and located the best postcode sectors. National and Regional Mosaic profiles were created to enhance the targeting approach. Headroom opportunity was key in the success of these campaigns.

Campaign results

Within 2 weeks of the doordrop landing, nearly 1,000 NEW customers were generated achieving an ROI of nearly 3:1.

With this ability to create specific audience segments, your retail message will connect with your customer base more effectively or engage with look-a-like new customers where your message will be most relevant.

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