Best Practice Guide to Influencer Marketing From Big Little LDN


Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective promotional marketing strategies used by brands across the globe. But when a brand gets it wrong, it can cause controversial shockwaves across the internet. 

From loose contracts leading to deliverables not being met, weak influencer and brand matchmaking that can’t convince audiences and even half-arsed posts with the wrong wording copy and pasted in the caption, *cough cough*, Scott Disick we’re looking at your Bootea #ad. 👀 

Want to learn more about Influencer Marketing Best Practices?

Say goodbye to favouring vanity metrics and hello to prioritising quality KPIs giving your brand more bang for its buck. 👋

Learn how to conduct influencer marketing, the importance of audience research and how to smash your next promotional campaign out of the park.

Written by Holly Eddleston, an OG of Influencer Marketing, our Best Practice Guide to Influencer Marketing gives you top tips for planning your next influencer campaign with the right content creators to represent your brand. 

Who are we?

We’re BIG little London and we don’t do one off #ads. We’re here to build you an army of brand ambassadors who can talk genuinely about your product or service to their engaged audiences. Decades of campaign management means we know our talent and what their followers respond to in order to drive sales, increase share of voice, enhance your reputation and boost social media engagement.

Holly Eddleston has worked on influencer marketing campaigns for brands such as Red Bull, Peroni and Microsoft. Holly has a large network of influencers who she has worked with previously but loves to identify the new up and coming talent who can engage, excite and sell product. 

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