Avantgarde London hires DDB Creative Team


The leading global brand experience agency, Avantgarde, today announces that it has appointed creative team Zander Cox and Marty Terzic to strengthen the growing creative studio in London.

Zander and Marty join Avantgarde London from DDB, and previously worked together at FCB Inferno and Saatchi & Saatchi across global clients including BMW, Oreo, Visa, HSBC, Mercedes-Benz, Betway and Huawei. The team is making the jump from ATL to brand experience at a time of growth for the sector.

For Avantgarde London, bringing in team members from diverse professional backgrounds is a strategic way to ensure the agency continues to pioneer brand experience, bringing brand stories to life in a more emotive and tactile way, whilst constantly exceeding clients’ expectations.

The team’s responsibilities at Avantgarde London centre on idea generation and development, focusing primarily on new business opportunities. Together they will concentrate on delivering powerful experiences rooted in emotive stories.

Steve Austen-Brown, Creative Director at Avantgarde London, says: “Marty and Zander join Avantgarde London as our first creative team. They bring with them bags of enthusiasm, courage to challenge the norms and a unique narrative voice which adds a new dimension to our creative offering.”

Zander Cox, Creative Copywriter at Avantgarde London, says: “Story has always been at the heart of everything Marty and I do, and in turn, it lies at the heart of everything that we work on. We always strive to bring these stories to people in a way that means they can be immersed and active within them. We’re not talking to them, but talking with them, allowing us to shape the story together.”

Marty Terzic, Art Director at Avantgarde London, added: “Avantgarde gives Zander and I the platform to create full immersive experiences that have storytelling at the heart of every project, giving people the opportunity to not just hear about the story, but to actually live it.”