The Year Ahead – Predictions and Trends


I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by predictions and trends.

Even more so right now and I imagine, because you work in the marketing industry, it’s something that grabs your attention, too. Your work may even involve in trying to predict the future for your clients.  If so, read on.


We’re desperate to understand what’s going on and what it means for us in this historically pivotal time of great change and uncertainty. Trends have always been a headline-grabbing topic, but it’s often the case that when I dive into the article, I’m left feeling somewhat robbed. You know the one, right, where the title didn’t quite match the content?


I don’t plan to do that here.  The source of these predictions is reasonably reliable, as much as the world – life and business – can be right now. A year or two ago, I would never have dreamed about writing a trend piece for you via the IPM, that was based on an astrologer’s predictions, for fear you’d pass me off as one of those people. But the world has become a very different place in the space of six months and ideas like this are not only acceptable but will become even more commonplace moving forward.


If you haven’t read already, the 21st December is a key date in world history that marks the true start of the Age of Aquarius (think values such as diversity, community, equality and the human family) and the end of the Age of Pisces (think values such as competition, money, power and control). That’s eight hundred years in the making.


I’ve not tried to create a story with the following predictions or put them in any particular order. Instead, for ease of reading and digesting, I’ve literally listed out the main points taken from several sessions, and webinars I’ve joined, given by astrologers who are considered to be top of their game and who write for leading mainstream media.  Some of what you’ll read you’ll feel aghast at, some of it you may find easy to believe, other parts you’ll get annoyed about and want to close the page down in disgust or pass off as nothing more than tittle-tattle. All you need to do in any of those scenarios, is to find your own truth in it.  Then, sit back and watch world and local community history as it all unfolds. One thing we can be sure of, we’re in for big change and continuing rocky territory.


From 30th November to 27th 2020 to end of Jan 2021, we’ll be facing the biggest redrawing of the world map in a lifetime. The world we see today, will be very different to the one we see at the end of January.


We’ll begin to see the world breaking up into smaller areas – it’s very much about your local area, your neighbourhood, your county.  Call it a local revolution. It’s increasingly about your community. A local/global revolution.  This will also affect how we travel. Think solar power such as solar-powered caravans, wilderness, woodland. It’s about taking care of our natural environment – looking after nature: woods, seas, rivers and streams. We’ll finally begin realising that the places we want to hang out and play in need to be looked after.


It looks likely that we’ll see the break-up of the UK into four or even five separate nations in 2021, if enough people move to make it happen. This is based on history and astrology. Back in 1405 – we saw the country divided into Northern England, Southern England and Wales. This was the famous Tripartite Indenture. This was at a similar astrological conjunction as is happening now for Britain. And yes, countries have their own signs and horoscopes too. Separation will mean we’ll find a new way to reunite.  This won’t just be happening here, but we’ll see the break-up of enormous countries into smaller populations – for example California within the USA.


Suffice to say we’ll all be looking towards New Zealand and Australia and follow their model when it comes to borders and Covid handling/restrictions. Slow down and shut down will still be on the cards for a while yet.


2020 has been a year of experimentation. Closures and lockdowns haven’t quite worked and stuck. But in 2021 the world will come together more on this and this will begin on 21st December 2020.


Back to travel and cruising will struggle and the odd airline may well do, too. We’ll see a few fallouts from this in January 2021.



In mid-December something will emerge re Japan which is not entirely clear yet. Possibly involving Russia or Ukraine and United Nations with regards to a cover up. The details may not emerge for a few weeks, or a few months, but watch this space!


The future will be based around controlled regulatory systems based on the rise and fall of Covid cases, quarantine and acceptable levels of transmission.


The global currency situation will be dominated by a one-world currency by 2026. It’s not Bitcoin, before you rush out to buy some. That’s corporate and involves the elite and the elite system is on its way out. The new currencies will come out of a very long troublesome period for banks and that will result in something altogether new. Community banking will return. You’ll have a range of currencies to choose from where you can select your preferred digital currency. From around 2023 it starts to become about borrowing and exchange within your friends and communities.


Where to invest? Electric bikes, new caravans (solar powered), new glamping styles (the likes of which we’ve not yet seen), solar and alternative power and technology not yet invented. Think 1950’s travel (Secret Seven style) – that’s the future of travel.


Allotments, pooling resources, buying land and selling sections off to members of the community for food growing will become popular.


Innovations in gardening and city living will evolve and we may see ideas such as empty office blocks or flats being used to grow plants and food.


All of this will be driven by people power. People will be talking about new economics, taxes, quality of life. This will all begin changing from 21st December.


Re the vaccine, astrology charts show stress, so it won’t be straightforward and will follow along the HIV Aids vaccine example. Covid vaccines to date have not been peer-reviewed and vaccines in general take years to develop so the news we see right now is designed for to maximise shareholder value, not real, tangible solutions.


In terms of truth decay (lies) by those in authority (media, prime ministers, presidents), then in the future the only place to go is local. We’ll stop trusting Facebook and vast corporations. We’ll begin to trust our local community/neighbourhood. There’s a dissemination of information and what we’ll see is the end of globalised internet. The US will no longer control the internet. This will help with the truth. The other big change in this area is the beginning of shared leadership such as cross-party governments.


Muddy fields will be of more of value than gold, designer handbags and diamond jewellery! You can share a field and do something with it (or camp on it, grow food on it). Conservation is high on the agenda.


World order is changing. America will no longer be top of the food chain. Teenagers will be leading this new approach. As you know already, they are sensitive to inequality, racism, sexism.


Here’s a big one – the climate crisis will be over by 2026. I’ve yet to take that one on board and it seems so unlikely right now, but I believe the source of this massive prediction.


Mental health in 2021 will be re-examined in terms of our excessive online use and the ways we currently turn to pharmaceuticals to fix our health issues. Instead we’ll be getting inside our headspaces using methods such as meditation, healing, yoga, reiki, astral travel – the travel is inside us will be more appealing than external travel. People who have never tried these modalities before will try them because they’ll realise what an incredible effect it has on their health. Research will prove that modalities like meditation really do improve our health.


Skype etc will be replaced by VR whereby you will be able to sit on your chair in the same virtual room as others and meditate etc. I love this one!


The new gold is immunity. Anything that can be proven to strengthen your immune system will be like gold.  It’s literally a revolution in this space.


We’ll stop calling it ‘lockdown’ and a strategy will be developed to turn old thinking on its head as to how to proceed.  The Special Relationship between the UK and the US will be back on the table once Biden gets in early next year.  Then in the UK we can start looking at money and the financial situation we find ourselves in. We’ll be following more of a New Zealand model and the relaxed restrictions will be tailored for different parts of the country and adapted to suit local communities.


Justine Clement is Founder of The Happy Prize Company and The Life Adventure and is a member of the IPM Incentive, Prize & Loyalty Community