Virgin Voyages powers AI to push JLo partnership


In a recent campaign, Virgin Voyages adopts AI to help amplify their partnership with popstar legend Jennifer Lopez.

Aptly named JEN AI, the campaign allows voyagers to create a personalised invitation video from JLo, to then share with friends encouraging them to consider a Virgin Voyage Cruise.

Since receiving its inaugural ship the Scarlet Lady in February 2020 just before the height of the pandemic, Virgin Voyages have gone on to win numerous cruise critic awards for their service, cabins and overall experience.

This latest campaign aims to strengthen its position by targeting new audiences and groups. This utilisation of AI appears to tick quite a few marketing boxes, driving leads for potential new voyagers, and capturing customer data whilst providing a strong element of personalisation.

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Last month the IPM polled LinkedIn audiences with the following question… “Are you or your business thinking about how AI might become a factor in your promotional marketing campaigns in the future?” with 64% of respondents answering, Yes, actively. Interestingly this still leaves 34% who are not yet considering the impacts and potential utilisation of AI.