St Mungo’s Launches Emergency Appeal To Support Homeless


New St Mungo’s campaign from Paragon Park House supports work on the frontline to help people who are homeless during the coronavirus emergency.

Following their successful Christmas campaign for homeless charity St Mungo’s which raised over £250,000, Paragon Park House has developed a pro-active campaign to address the challenges that the coronavirus crisis presents to people sleeping rough.

Living on the streets is harmful and dangerous at any time. But it’s particularly dangerous when you’re unable to stay at home, socially isolate, continually wash your hands or follow much of the other advice the government recommends to stay safe.

Created in less than 24 hours, the executions build on the subversion of messaging seen in the Christmas campaign, this time highlighting the impossibility of following advice like staying home when you don’t actually have one. And pointing out that not seeing friends and family is sadly not just a temporary issue for many people who are homeless.

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Hayley Creasey, Campaign Manager at St Mungo’s, is eager to begin. “At this very difficult time for our clients and people who are at risk of homelessness, with many normal fundraising activities off the table, we were delighted with the ideas that Park House presented pro-actively and impressed how quickly they bought them to life”.

Sharing her enthusiasm, Marc Michaels, Director of Strategy and Creativity, added “At Park House, we make connections. In this case between the government’s vital coronavirus advice and the very real difficulties that people who are homeless will have in following the guidance.”

Andy Todd and John Vinton, the creative team behind the work, are equally passionate.

“Homelessness is a nightmare at any time. But doubly so at the moment. It struck us how cruel it is to be told to avoid other people when most of them already avoid you.”

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