POD Staffing launches new northern office in York


Award-winning staffing agency POD is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their Northern branch; POD North opened on the 3rd of February 2020 in York. Middlesbrough native Danni Hill, an established member of the POD London HQ family, will head up the Northern office from which POD will cater to the evolving staffing needs of both brands and agencies from the Midlands all the way up to Scotland. This reflects an industry shift from London-centric activities and activations to a more nationwide outlook, opening possibilities for close, rewarding relationships with staff and clients in the north of the country and the great network of cities found there.

Through this new move, which coincides with the agency’s 10th birthday, POD hopes to be able to service their Northern clients and events better – they will also now be closer than ever to their valued Northern staff who currently make up 25% of the POD database. As a company whose ethos revolves around nurturing authentic personal relationships with their staff, the new branch will play a vital role in offering a base to manage and communicate with the northern members of the POD family. From recruitment drives to onboarding programmes and live project management, POD North allows for that vital face time needed with both staff and clients.

Joe Sheppard, Managing Director of POD Staffing, says: ‘This is a really exciting direction for the future of POD. It addresses our need for a Northern base where we can further strengthen our relationships. POD is a company which puts cultivated, personal relationships and human connections as a top priority; by having more face time with clients and staff we can ensure we are delivering our projects to the best of our abilities, while staying true to our core brand values.’