New Website For Sarson’s Vinegar


Sarson’s has been hard at work creating a fresh brand identity that launched in the spring of 2023, and with this, they’ve enlisted the help of Activation yet again for a fresh new website.

The new website design reflects the new style for Sarson with a bold, contemporary, and sleek designs. Activation has also taken a reductive approach to content and wording, which simplifies the overall experience, whilst also bringing freshness and clarity to the design. They’ve used interactive animation, interesting build loads, and a new colour-blocking design scheme to increase engagement levels across the site.

The agency has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Sarson’s, so it’s been a joy for them to watch the brand develop and once again collaborate closely with the Sarson’s team on the project.

Even if they do say so themselves, the result is fantastic! However, don’t just take their word for it; visit the new site and see for yourself.