Nestle releases new ‘Incredible’ Easter Egg range


Nestlé release its new ‘Incredible’ Easter egg range which features eggs from several much loved brands including a KitKat with Ruby chocolate Easter Egg, a Smarties Unicorn edition Egg and some ‘Incredible’ Eggs for KitKat, Smarties and Yorkie lovers.

The Incredible Eggs are Nestlé’s newest Easter creation featuring four new eggs from KitKat, Yorkie and Smarties, each containing a chocolate egg with special ingredients directly in the shell.

The KitKat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge Incredible Egg features soft salted caramel fudge pieces in the shell, as well as three bars of KitKat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge.

The Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit Incredible Egg features crunchy biscuit and raisin pieces in the shell, plus three full-size bars of Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit.

The Incredible range also includes the Smarties Mini Eggs Incredible Egg comprising of crunchy mini Smarties in the shell, as well as a Smarties Mini eggs sharing bag.

The three Incredible Eggs are available in major retailers nationwide.

In addition, the Incredible range also includes the Orange Smarties Mini Eggs Incredible Egg. This is exclusive to Tesco stores and features a delicious orange flavour milk chocolate egg filled with crunchy mini Orange Smarties in the shell as well as a sharing bag of Orange Smarties Mini eggs.

All four Incredible Eggs have colourful, eye catching packaging designs and are perfect as gifts and for sharing with family and friends.