J2O create Snapchat glassware to mark the return of Glitterberry flavour


J₂O’s favourite limited-edition flavour, Glitterberry, is back, and this year it’s available much earlier than ever before. In stock now, it allows operators to add a festive sparkle to their outlets while maximising seasonal sales opportunities such as Bonfire Night, Halloween and Christmas. The team has been hard at work to create new, limited-edition glassware which for the first time features a snapcode that links to a special J₂O snapchat filter. These are available to all J₂O customers on request, as well as new POS kits, including bar runners, drip mats and strut cards.

Although available for a limited time each year, Glitterberry made a huge impact in the category in 2017, when £9 out of every £10 spent on the flavour was incremental to the category. This emphasises the huge opportunity for operators to offer their customers something different for the festive season.

Britvic will be supporting the launch with a variety of J₂O Glitterberry and orange and passionfruit inspired tools available through www.sensationaldrinks.com. These include a portfolio-led selection of cocktail recipes and serves, to help operators attract customers looking to treat themselves, as well as those moderating their alcohol consumption.

“We know consumers are more social in the run up to Christmas, as well as wanting to drink less alcohol over the festive season. This Christmas we want to help retailers make the most of the sales opportunities this presents, as well as other key occasions like Halloween and Bonfire Night. The early return of J₂O Glitterberry certainly helps to do this, and the Snapchat element to the glassware adds a new level of consumer excitement for this year so we’re encouraging outlets to stock up and register for free POS kits now.”