Beano launches bonkers Christmas window display


Beano Studios has unveiled a new window display at their Fleet Street office featuring a choir of singing rubber chickens to delight the public during the holiday season.

Inspired by the immense popularity of rubber chicken content on, the bonkers display is brought to life at the press of a button which sets off a cacophony of fowls squawking their hearts out to a special poultry cover of Jingle Bells.

Mike Stirling, Editorial Director said “It’s a very merry #Chickmas down at Beano Studios on Fleet Street! We thoroughly enjoyed designing and building this display from Beano’s original vision, working with their illustrators to come up with this tongue-in-cheek (or should that be tongue-in-chick…) festive window celebrating all things Beano. We think it’s definitely worth a rubber neck”

The window will be on display until 4th January 2019.