vodafone internet of things

Vodafone creates interactive Internet of Things showcase

Haygarth has created an innovative and dramatic showcase within Vodafone’s flagship Westfield White City store to promote and build awareness of the Internet of Things category. The aim of the showcase is to introduce shoppers to the new V by Vodafone range, which features a selection of smart devices that let you keep track of the things you care about, all from your smartphone.

Vodafone is inviting shoppers to take a moment to explore the Internet of Things world with the aim to familiarise and educate them in a warm and engaging way.

In the transformed store, customers are encouraged to make their way round a host of interactive pods at their own pace, discovering the everyday uses and benefits of the Vodafone range. This involves immersing customers in engaging scenarios that reflect their daily routines. Digital content integrated into each pod explains how the connected devices enhance customers’ lives and protect the things they love, whether it’s their kids on the walk to school in the mornings, or their dogs that disappear in the park chasing after squirrels.

Customer feedback for the new showcase has already been incredibly positive with seven times the sales on featured products on opening day, and because the touch-points were created modular, with easily updatable digital content, the showcase can continue to evolve as the V by Vodafone range expands.

The immersive showcase space is a first for Vodafone, who are pioneering exciting activation within the Telecoms category, with the potential to roll out the idea to other flagship stores this side of Christmas.

The Internet of Things showcase is currently live in the Vodafone Westfield White City store on the ground floor.