Major sponsorship deal puts historic Axbridge Pageant on the road


Enable Promotional Marketing is providing a package of funding and expertise in support of one of the UK’s most famous community pageant, the Axbridge Pageant in Somerset.

The support will include sponsorship money and technical support – including database management for organisation logistics and the Pageant’s website. Over the last half a century, Axbridge Pageant has become a key part of Somerset’s rich tradition of carnivals and community events.

Considered one of the few remaining historical pageants left in the United Kingdom, the performance is a spectacular re-enactment celebrating 2,000 years of Axbridge history – from Saxon times through to the present day. The next one will be held over three days in the last weekend of August 2020; each day in front of over 600 people, a cast of upwards of 400 local performers will be supported by over 100 volunteers.

John Bailey, Pageant Director at Axbridge, says: “We are massively grateful for Enable’s support, without which we would simply not be able to put on such a spectacular show. We will still be looking for other sponsorships to secure the financial foundations we need for such a huge event, but this is a massive start for us.”

Enable provides project management support to some of the world’s biggest brands for their promotions online, via social media, in-store, at events or on-pack. Although the business works in Latin America, across Europe, Asia- Pacific and the USA it proudly supports the local community.

Neil Barnes, Managing Director of Enable, said: “The Pageant happens in the Square right outside our office window and is an amazing event. All our staff are just as enthused as I am to be playing a part and we will be giving practical support as well as financial support. As a Somerset-based business with a worldwide client base, and we’re keen for all directors, managers and staff to get involved in the Pageant, ‘giving back’ to our community by passing on what we can about our town’s history. We are extremely proud of our roots – it’s a very big part of who we are – and we are always ‘spreading the word’ about the town with our clients around the globe. Enable believe the key to a passionate, enthusiastic, healthy and forward-thinking company is a strong positive relationship with the community. Thus, we strive to play a full role in giving life and energy into the local area.”