Logistics-A Mamouth Task


Keeping your business’s equipment clean, tidy, in great condition can be a big task for any company.  But when your equipment is 2.5 metres wide, 4 metres tall, 16.5 metres long and weighs 30,000 kgs that task is not only more tricky but absolutely essential for health and safety reasons. XPRESSION Logistics pride themselves on the upkeep of all assets, to ensure high standards are met.  Being the preferred servicing supplier in the UK for Rolfo gave the company the capability to service all trucks and trailers. “Managing something like this doesn’t just mean servicing and hydraulics checks every 8 weeks, but ensuring the vehicle is pristine inside and out before and after every delivery” said Jonathan Hill, XPRESSION Logistics MD “the UK Government, quite rightly, has strict regulations with regard to the safety of haulage and we do our best to exceed those for our customers”. 

There lies another mammoth task. In order to keep all assets to the highest standard the recruitment of the correctly trained staff is essential, and finding Truck Technicians a challenge.  “We are always in the market for great, highly experienced Truck Technicians” said Mr Hill “they are the backbone to the success of the company and we look after them, as we do all of our team”.  

For more information please email jonathan@xpressionlogistics.co.uk or call directly on 01869 233324