London, 12th January 2022: Impero today announces the launch of its Veganuary campaign for Future Farm, the plant-based protein producer. Titled “Choose the Tastier Future”, the creative is picking a fight with all things ‘tasteless’ by showing the UK that the future isn’t all doom and gloom, but is in fact amazing, delicious and tasty.

The creative campaign aims to command national attention at a key calendar moment for the category. It sets out to empower meat reducers, flexitarians, vegans and anyone toying with the idea of giving Veganuary a go and get them to “Choose the Tastier Future”.

Using hilarious characters to callout tasteless issues within our everyday lives, the creative takes aim at, all talk no action climate change politics, animal cruelty, over-processed food, righteous food fads, and boring diet options. All whilst offering a simple solution; take the future into your hands (quite literally) and choose the tastier future – by eating Future Farm’s delicious plant-based range of products. The work will be run across OOH, TFL, social, digital and print ads in national and free-sheet publications.

Pedro Zuim, Marketing Director, Future Farm said: “After the success of our launch campaign in the summer, we wanted to continue this creative approach which demands the attention of our target consumers.

Our intent is to stand out within an undoubtedly busy Veganuary with award-winning creative that brings Future Farm to life, showcasing our full range, and the team at Impero are never short of ideas that cut through the noise and resonate with consumers, which is a necessity during the busiest time of year for the category.

Our goal is to capture the imagination of meat reducers, and anyone just toying with the idea of giving it a go for Veganuary.”

Michael Scantlebury, Impero’s Founder and CEO adds: “Young people in the UK would be forgiven for thinking that the future looks pretty bleak right now.  And they’re, quite rightly, pissed off. All they see is empty words, and little action of our politicians and big business.  This campaign tackles that head on and puts young consumers in the driving seat of the change they want to see by asking why trust the failed status quo, when we can all choose a tastier future.”