Renew Life

Renew Life appoints Ready as lead creative agency

Probiotic supplement brand, Renew Life, has appointed Ready as their lead creative agency in the UK.

Owned by global consumer goods giant The Clorox Company, Renew Life is one of the largest digestive care brands in the US and Canada.

Until recently it had a relatively small presence in the UK, with listings in a handful of independent health stores as well as health-focused retailers such as Whole Foods.

Now, with a newly formed UK marketing team behind it, Renew Life has big ambitions to capitalise on British consumers’ growing demand for gut health products and significantly grow its brand in the UK market.

Step one on this journey is a new digital campaign, across multiple online channels. Working closely with phd, Renew Life’s media agency partner, Ready has created a suite of ads and video content to raise awareness of the brand’s ‘Being Human Takes Guts’ message in a bold and impactful way.

The campaign targets two key audience types: ‘proactive’ consumers who are health-conscious individuals looking to improve their gut health, and ‘reactive’ consumers who have existing gut issues that they are looking to address.

As the brand’s new UK website is still under development, Ready has also built and launched an online ‘hub’ to educate both sets of audiences on the benefits of Renew Life products, and where to find them in the UK.

Shane Carnell-Xu, Co-Founder and Director at Ready, said: “Working with the new UK team at Renew Life has been a great experience, and we are delighted to be supporting them on this major push into our domestic market. More and more people are becoming interested in the benefits of a healthy gut, and our campaign sets out exactly why Renew Life is the perfect solution to their needs.”

Alongside the campaign, Ready has created a series of promotional materials for Renew Life’s sales representatives, who are tasked with introducing the brand to potential new retail stockists.

This ‘toolkit’ of banners, strut cards and leaflets means that these representatives can now offer full-on product displays to retailers, enhancing their chances of growing Renew Life’s retail presence.