Dr Pepper revives Pants or Prizes campaign

Dr Pepper is aiming to engage and entertain its target teen audience by expanding its popular ‘Pants or Prizes’ campaign from last year. Dr Pepper drinkers can win prizes such as an HD TV or an Xbox 360, or a pair of Dr Pepper pants or the chance to star in their very own Dr Pepper ‘Best Day of High School’ video.

The campaign is supported by digital, radio and experiential activity, as well as an official launch event that saw Dr Pepper break a Guinness World Record for the number of people in one pair of pants (169).

From 2 April 2012, consumers will have the chance to win one of over 400,000 pairs of Dr Pepper pants, as showcased on limited-edition packs of Dr Pepper, or a range of other, bigger prizes.

They enter by texting the unique code under the ring-pull, and a text message will notify them if they are a winner and will direct them to a Dr Pepper microsite – www.drpepper.co.uk/pantsorprizes – where they can find out if they have won ‘Pants or Prizes.’

Winners of Dr Pepper pants will be encouraged to be proud of their prize by showing off on the Facebook page – www.facebook.com/drpepperuk - where they can add a branded pants graphic to a photo of themselves and upload it to the Dr Pepper ‘Hall of Fame’ online gallery.

The campaign will be further supported across digital platforms with Dr Pepper also giving consumers the chance to star in their very own Dr Pepper ‘Best Day of High School’ video.

Hosted at www.bestdayofhighschool.com from April, the video will connect to the viewer’s Facebook profile to include their name, photos and Facebook friends to show what the ‘Best Day of High School’ looks like through a first person narrative with a Dr Pepper twist.

The promotion officially launched with the brand setting a new Guinness World Record at THORPE PARK, Surrey on Saturday 24 March 2012 for the most amount of people – 169 – in one giant pair of pants. The brand will also be sampling to consumers throughout the duration of the campaign to drive engagement with ‘Pants or Prizes’ promotion.

The ‘Pants or Prizes’ activity will also be supported through a radio partnership with Bauer Media, with sponsorship running across radio stations KISS, the hits and smash! hits radio throughout April and May. This partnership will be amplified online, with banner ads directing listeners to the Dr Pepper promotion on the radio stations’ websites.

The ‘Pants or Prizes’ promotion follows a recent packaging revamp for the Dr Pepper brand, which introduced a fresh new design across both Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper Zero packs.
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