IRN-BRU launches BRU-SKIES, biggest-ever promotion

A G Barr is launching what it claims is its biggest-ever on-pack promotion for IRN-BRU, BRU-SKIES. Consumers are being given the chance to win one of over 5,000 prizes every day, including cash amounts of up to £100 and thousands of pairs of bespoke BRU-SHADES.

BRU-SKIES follows the success of last year’s BRU-ISLAND on-pack promotion which resulted in sales of over £14 million and an 11% year on year increase over the summer months.

The promotion will feature on a number of IRN-BRU regular and sugar-free SKUs including 500ml and 2 litre bottles and multipacks of 8 x 330ml cans. It runs from the beginning of June until the end of August.

Adrian Troy, head of marketing at A G Barr, says: “BRU-SKIES is set to be our biggest ever on-pack promotion. “ BRU-SKIES forms part of the brand’s £5m investment in IRN-BRU which includes three popular TV advertisements and social media support.

A .G. Barr plc is the UK's leading independent manufacturer of branded soft drinks with an annual turnover of over £237m.

Established by Robert Barr in 1875, the company now produces a large range of soft drinks including IRN-BRU, Barr, Rubicon, KA and Rockstar energy drink (under a manufacturing and distribution agreement with brand owners Rockstar Inc USA).
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