The Continuity Company: A New Look

Retail marketing specialist The Continuity Company will be changing its name to ‘TCC’.

The foremost reason behind the change is that TCC felt it essential to reflect its current market position as the world’s leading provider of retail marketing programmes and made the change of name and logo as of March 15, 2010.

Equally TCC aims to reflect its position as an innovator, delivering an ever increasing range of solutions and consistently increasing their customers’ sales.

This year sees The Continuity Company enter its third decade as a business and since its start 19 years ago the organisation has grown to become the world’s largest provider of retail marketing programmes.

Over the years The Continuity Company has developed a range of innovative and effective solutions that are now used by most of the world’s major food and fuel retailers.

The identity can be seen on the TCC’s new website,

David Ringer, TCC’s general manager UK & Ireland, says: “TCC continues to deliver outstanding programmes, with concrete and most importantly, measurable, results. These programmes have one aim - to change shopper behaviour and increase sales.”