Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour

Coca-Cola Great Britain is again running its seasonal ‘Holidays are Coming’ TV commercial and nationwide Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour, backed up with an integrated marketing campaign including Twitter and Facebook.

The TV commercial returns tomorrow (November 10 2012) during the X Factor, while Coca-Cola will be running teasers, quizzes and polls across social media to generate buzz and excitement amongst fans.

Further engagement will also be encouraged through the introduction of the #holidaysarecoming hash tag to the family favourite ad.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour will see the truck making more than 60 stops nationwide tour across towns, cities and supermarkets in Great Britain and Ireland. A dedicated hub will also be set up on, highlighting where the truck will be as well as offering the opportunity to get involved through rewards schemes and competitions. Consumers around the UK will be offered the chance to have their picture taken with the truck and will also be targeted for sampling.

This year will also see Coca-Cola recognising four local heroes around the country, who will be selected from nominations from local communities. The truck will be delivering the ultimate Christmas experience to all four winners’ homes, when it comes to their local area.

The Coca-Cola brand has become synonymous with Christmas since launching in 1931, when Haddon Sundblom created the world-renowned image of ‘Coca-Cola Santa’.
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