Skittles builds a rainbow

Skittles fans can unite to build a giant upside-down rainbow as part of a two day global social media stunt, ‘Build The Rainbow’

Skittles fans across the world are being offered the chance to unite to build a giant upside-down rainbow as part of a two day global social media stunt, ‘Build The Rainbow’.
The brand has almost 5 million Facebook fans in the UK and 24 million globally. Fans from nine countries (including UK, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and New Zealand) will be able to prompt the release of a single Skittle into a giant upside-down rainbow, just by liking or commenting on the brand’s Facebook page. In total, the finished rainbow will include 100,000 Skittles.
The activity kicks off on March 22nd 2013. The Facebook stunt is designed to announce the launch of Skittles new global logo – an upside-down Rainbow.
The event will be filmed and streamed live through a microsite on the Skittles Facebook page,, so participants can watch their Skittle drop in real-time.
Matt Austin, European confections business unit director at Wrigley, says: “If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to amuse Skittles lovers, which is why it is no surprise that Skittles has the second largest UK Facebook page and 24 million fans worldwide. Our past campaigns such as the Facebook Status Updater have proven hugely popular and ‘Build The Rainbow’ is going to be no exception.”
Each fan that comments on or likes the event will be sent the number and co-ordinates of their very own Skittle and can not only add a message to personalise their virtual sweet but also see which of their friends are involved too.
Once the rainbow has been filled to the top with 100,000 Skittles, fans will be able to decide its fate, which will include unexpected options such as blowing it up or hitting it with a wrecking ball.
The most popular choice will then be turned into a live event that will be seeded online.