Domino’s partner with Squawka to deliver Summer of Football marketing campaign

Domino’s has signed a combined affiliate marketing, display advertising and social media partnership deal with free ‘second screen’ web app, to promote its pizza delivery service during this summer’s football.

Squawka will drive Domino's affinity with football fans with bespoke interactive branding across during live games. For example, 15 minutes after a match has started, fans will be shown ads pointing out that if they order their pizza then, it could be delivered in time for half-time.

Squawka is a TV companion web app set to launch in the UK in June 2012. It allows users to use their PC to view real time data on the football match they are watching on TV, and also offers social media and chat services, so viewers can discuss the match in real time.

Twitter and Facebook integration enables users to track conversations surrounding football matches and players from different leagues all in one place, alongside team news, lines ups, live action and analysis, results and latest in-play odds. It will be completely free to use.

Richard Purkiss, CRM manager for Domino's, says: “Squawka is a fantastic opportunity to engage with football fans during live matches and we look forward to speaking to our customers via second screen messaging throughout the summer – which is a first for our brand."

Integrated media and planning agency Arena Media brokered the partnership between Squawka and Domino’s.
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